Wholesome ice cream in Vancouver

What to do when you’re looking for a career change? Make ice cream with a friend of course! When noticing an absence in Vancouver of locally made ice cream, Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi were inspired to work on a business plan and flavours galore -Earnest Ice Cream was born!

Using seasonal ingredients allows them to make small batches that rotate throughout the year. Unique to them is packing and selling pints in returnable and reusable glass jars which promotes a zero waste company. At first, they sold their hand-crafted ice cream at farmers’ markets and by pedaling it around from their tricycle ice chest. Since starting their venture in 2012, they now have 2 scoop shop locations, a scoop truck, pints are sold at retailers and spawned many addictions.

The newest space on Quebec Street is in an old heritage building with exposed brick walls and post and beam structure. The combination of sustainable materials, custom lighting and large windows creates an inviting space that is rustic and fresh. To learn more about the conceptual design and the end result, please click on the link below to a write up on Retail Design Blog.

Earnest Ice Cream store by Janks Design Group, Vancouver – Canada

Earnest Ice Cream I 1829 Quebec St. I Vancouver, BC

SpinHouse Cycling Studio – Let’s do this!

Indoor cycling isn’t new to the fitness world but the model has been revived and amped up in recent years. Now the spin experience is like no other and will knock you senseless. You’ll be intensely panting and sweating in a compact room with fellow spinners in a full body synchronized rhythm. Their vibe along with the instructors’ motivation will push you through the hour-long class. By the end, you’ll be amazed how hard you’ve worked and what your mind and body can accomplish.

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have caught the spin fever with a surplus of studios popping up, many of which have a cult-like following. The newest to open its doors is SpinHouse Cycling Studio at a commercial/retail strip mall, located in south Surrey. Janks Design Group worked with the owners to design a spacious fully stocked facility with an electrifying spin room. The interior is modern, pristine and highly functional including large change rooms, shower facilities, lockers, stretch area and even a childminding room. The state of the art spin room is candle lit and clad in black with inspirational text and rubber flooring. Once you’re set up, feet clipped in and the door is closed, anticipation takes over and rightfully so. Get ready to steadily climb to your maximum capacity. The energetic instructor talks you through the burn while they orchestrate the pulsating beats and 1000 LED bulbs dancing above your head. It’s a party on a bike that will tone your entire body!

For that one hour, fully release all your stresses, burn a ridiculous number of calories and connect with others next to you. Post-workout, catch your breath and refuel at the Recharge Juice Bar with cold-pressed juices and fresh smoothies. Leave feeling utterly charged to take on what may come!

Check out their video to get you pumped up! Ride On!!

Find out more about this amazing concept at www.spinhouse.ca

SpinHouse Cycling Studio
16041 24 Ave, Unit 10
Surrey, BC V3Z9H7
604 560-5555

Healthy Fast Food Revolution – Here To Stay!

A couple of years ago a food revolution began – healthy fast-casual restaurants. This trend has proved to be strong in Vancouver with restaurants, retailers and brands. Many fast-food chains and food manufacturers have caught on and made the switch to more wholesome ingredients. Some deciding to improve the quality of their products by; reducing artificial coloring, flavorings, sweetener and preservatives, dropping controversial ingredients from foods and even removing pop from kids’ meals. Others have chosen to accommodate special-diet needs, specifically plant-based, gluten and dairy-free options.

At the forefront of the movement are younger consumers – the millennials. Families on the go are also thinking about their small children looking for improved food options. The concern is more with establishing long-term healthy lifestyles for a sustainable future. Why can’t we have these options in fast food too? Now with endless information online people are educating themselves on how and where to make better choices. Restaurants are joining in and basing their concept around this trend and consumers’ dietary needs.

Two successful concepts that JDG has worked with have opened this year in the downtown core. Field and Social and SMAK Healthy Fast Food are both healthy, delicious and fast. Residents, students and workers in the area have given them a victorious response with line ups out the door. If you don’t want to wait in line, order ahead online to make it even speedier.

Field and Social is the new creation from Stephen Collins and Moe Samieian which opened in late February. The fast-casual restaurant works with local farmers to bring chef-designed salads using local and seasonal ingredients as well as house made soups and kombucha tea. The open, raw and neutral space with high ceilings allows the textures and brilliant colours of the fresh ingredients to be the center of attention. You won’t believe how good and full you’ll feel from one of their salads!
SMAK Healthy Fast Food was one of the first in Vancouver to provide healthy quick service and to offer a 100% gluten free menu. If you have any type of dietary restrictions this is the place for you! JDG designed their second location that opened in August on Granville Street. Keeping with their clean, fresh and

sustainable outlook the space is clad in crisp white, greenery touches, reclaimed red cedar and purple which is the brand core colour. SMAK serves all food and beverages in locally sourced containers that are compostable or recyclable which cuts down their garbage immensely.

JDG welcomes this “obsession with health” and the industry building upon it. Let’s keep the revolution going!

Parklet – Urban Design Vancouver

The ‘Parklet’ – Urban design in Vancouver’s streets

September 1st rolled in fast and brought with it rain, the chills and constant yawns. Coffee intake has multiplied and panic set in that summer has come to an end. However a little rain never hindered Vancouverites from enjoying the outdoors. Thanks to Viva Vancouver there are over a handful of urban spaces to stop and relax for a while.

Several years ago Viva Vancouver started a pilot parklet program, which transforms city-owned spaces in front of local business on a busy street. Sponsored parties, designers and regional partners collaborate to create these welcoming vibrant places for communities to enjoy the streetscape in their neighbourhoods. The parklet starts with a platform built over parking spaces and usually includes bench or chair seating, tables and landscaping. All materials used must be sustainable, able to with stand year round weather conditions and meld seamlessly into the surrounding area. The main goal is to encourage community on a micro scale, bring all ages together in conversation and attract potential customers to businesses.

The concept started five years ago in San Francisco and has spread to other US and Canadian cities. Here in Vancouver the pilot program has been well received and fully approved as of June 1, 2016. Currently there are 6 built around the city and Viva is looking for interested groups that would like to sponsor and build their own. JDG has fortunately had the opportunity to work on two new locations. Our first was designed for a well-known restaurant chain for a parklet in the Kerrisdale area. Second was sponsored by an up and coming company on West Broadway. We are very excited to be part of such an important collective that’s working on improving our great city!



If you haven’t had the chance to visit a parklet, grab a coffee and a friend to explore one of Vancouver’s many urban spaces….

  • Urban Pasture Parklet – Robson St. between Burrard and Thurlow
  • Hot Tubs Parklet – Fraser St. and 44th Ave
  • French Quarter Parklet – Main St. and 21st Ave
  • Parallel Park – Main St. and 14th Ave
  • Commercial Drive Parklet – Commercial Dr.
  • Sunny Sloped Parklet – 4th Ave between Maple and Cypress St.

Keep your eyes open; maybe a parklet will pop up in your area soon!


Field & Social – Scout Magazine

The concept sounds like a winner, sort of like a breadless Meat & Bread. To wit, instead of a limited menu of consistently executed sandwiches, Field & Social will deal in carefully considered salads. While that’s nothing new, the aesthetic element should prove alluring. Stephen agrees. “Why does salad restaurants always have to be tacky? Why can’t it have style?” To that end, they’ve hired Ruth Jankelowitz of Janks Design Group (see also Earnest Ice Cream) to execute the look with tight branding by Lucy & Guy Browning of Workhouse Collective. Come opening day in early 2016, the interior will see a white marble counter, plenty of copper sinks and pendant lights, and plenty of long communal tables. The exposed concrete pillars and floors will stay unclad. To give you an idea, take a look at the mood board…

See the article