Vancouver, BC
1820 sf
Completed 2017

Commercial Interior Design Project – DU/ER Gastown:


DU/ER’s products are geared to the outdoor adventurer’s and daily commuters of the city. The Vancouver Flag Ship Store was designed with 3 goals in mind -to bring the adventure in, create a unique shopping experience and to include an open concept office/ lab for 20+ employees. To maximize space and keep with the brands adventure theme, we utilized the buildings high ceilings by building a wooden indoor treehouse and climbing structure. The wooden structure has a pull-down door, 7-foot-high suspended net hammock, rope walls and monkey bars. All customers are encouraged to have fun testing out their products by climbing, jumping and stretching. Underneath is ample retail space for custom built racks and display tables. Floor to ceiling netting separates the retail and office areas and allows customers to see the design process in motion.

  • Photography by Andrew Fyfe

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