JDG Corporate Interior Design Project - Artifex Studio



Vancouver, BC
3560 sf
Completed 2016

Corporate Interior Design Project – Artifex Studios :

Artifex Studios is located in Gastown on the edge of Chinatown in the old BC Electric Railway building. The rapid growing award-winning company required a large studio to continue to create their brilliant visual effects for TV and film. Designers create these effects in the dark with the only light coming from their computer screens. All black walls and no light was an unusual request and our main design challenge. We tried to simulate a theatre environment with soft lighting and used vintage industrial furniture and finishes that fit into the character of the neighbourhood. The reception area is clad in metal siding that resembles a shipping container and houses the reception desk. Opposite the walls are clad in reclaimed wood as a backdrop to their awards. This area is the only space that is lit during working hours making it the focal point. Other spaces include a staff kitchen, a viewing theatre and a boardroom.

  • Photography by Christine Pienaar

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