Top 5 Renovation Trends in 2022


Bringing the outside to the inside is a refreshing experience for the home. This is becoming a surging 2022 interior home design and home renovation trend. We see an uptick in outdoor-inspired colour palettes such as the natural colours of sand, various woods, greenery, plants, water and rocks. Shades of green – such as sage green in particular – remind us of being outside and makes even small spaces feel more open and elegant. Natural materials are being used especially in living rooms and offices, aiming for aspects of staying power and longevity rather than quick, perishable furniture.

This plays into practical, sustainable design, encapsulating the going green theme. Anything from ensuring a home renovation plan includes an EV charging station, and eco-flushing toilets for sewer water savings, to solar-powered lighting, is a priority for customers. These options typically have a higher upfront cost, but the long-term focus on savings and sustainability carries more weight for today’s homeowners. The common trend for 2022 is a return to a longer-lasting style. After witnessing the environmental effects of fast furniture consumerism, people are craving items, styles and furniture that stand the test of time.



Despite 2020 being behind us, the home office is here to stay. Areas that were intended as spare bedrooms, dens, workout spaces, storage rooms or game rooms are often coupled as office spaces. Having this dedicated space for business, studying, or hybrid employment is a productive game-changer that interior designers are considering and integrating. In regards to home renovation, these rooms have a plethora of outlets, and high-speed WiFi, and can accommodate a desk for the productive powerhouse of the home.

If you’re hesitant about this type of home renovation or don’t have the spare room to convert into an office, consider a versatile or flex space instead.


Wouldn’t it be great to do your hobbies while not worrying about having enough room? That’s where versatile rooms, or flex spaces, come into play. Interior designers truly understand the importance of flexible spaces. With the price of space only increasing, homeowners are getting more creative on how they use the spaces in their homes. For example, a dining table or kitchen island by evening can be a work or study desk during the afternoon.

Flex spaces are usually allocated to the smaller rooms of the home. Considering what the room will be used for and what items are needed in it will help with conceptualizing the design. Mirrors and proper lighting – both natural and artificial – can make the flex room look larger and not be claustrophobic. Choosing neutral tones helps if you plan on changing the room’s purpose or decoration elements frequently.

There are some popular suggestions for some great flex room ideas that require little to no home renovation. Here are some of our suggestions.

  • Hobby Room: painting, playing instruments, reading, writing or gaming
  • Playroom: great idea for kids. With a limited space relatively out of the way, the clutter won’t be as much of an issue for other areas of the home
  • Fitness Room: at home, fitness has been on the rise. Some smaller exercise equipment like weights, a stationary bike, a yoga mat, steps, or a portable treadmill would fit in most dens
  • Entertainment Room: video games, an extra TV for shows, or even board games for a night of fun for family or guests

Do you need some help creating your flex space? Don’t hesitate to check our our services.


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The prominence of video-calling has made our homes a virtual backdrop, making the design of our homes even more important than before. Although there are synthetic, virtual backgrounds you can use, it’s nice to settle on something more permanent that’s special and unique to you.

A growing amount of homeowners are opting for wallpapers with more vibrant patterns and colours. This can add personality to a home, alongside wall art, paintings and murals. If you’re into greenery and natural themes, many plant enthusiasts are adopting living eco walls and hanging plants in various smallholders around their homes, such as in hallways and social areas. If you’re still experimenting with what type of backdrop you want, you can always opt for simply painting a feature wall in a bold colour, or applying a removable wallpaper


Fashion trends, from choker necklaces to ripped denim, come back full circle; this goes the same for home renovation trends as well. Every piece of furniture or decor has a story. This is one of the reasons why traditional details are making a comeback. Due to high levels of uncertainty in the world, more homeowners are drawn to older, timeless themes in their spaces. Vintage pieces help us empower expression in our living space. Traditional themes add nostalgia, comfort and a sense of stability while honouring family roots.

Many challenges have arisen from inflation and frequent supply chain issues, which have significantly contributed to the trend toward preowned furnishings. Adopting this style grants a sustainable, affordable choice while upcycling older pieces and designs. Homes that celebrate uniqueness and personality through furniture choices respect the story and the history of chosen fixtures. With environmental preservation being an ever-growing topic today, the desire for sustainable furniture choices is only rising.

These choices can be accompanied by seventies decor for example. Colours such as terracotta, sage and mustard alongside classic peg-legged chairs and texture-focused fabrics add immersion to the space.

If you’re wanting to bring back some design trends from the past that you love, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

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