Our team at Janks Design Group (JDG) in Vancouver is bringing you our top 7 predicted design trends for 2022.

We are so excited to see more earthy tones, softer shapes, and the concept of minimalism be expressed in interior design concepts next year. You can stay up to date with design trends throughout the year by keeping up with our blog posts.

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From sleek lines to curved edges, shapes are all around us and they can make a big impact on interior design.

We know that shapes can affect the ambiance of an interior space. An angular sofa can be suitable for a modern-style room, while a sofa with rounded edges can give you a cozy feeling your family loves. Rounded shapes make furniture look more comfortable and inviting, which is why we are predicting it to be a trend in 2022, as we are spending more and more time in our homes these days.

Bring softness and warmth to your residential or commercial interior space with round-shaped décor pieces and furniture that will break up the harsh lines of walls and fixtures. You can think about adding sofas or chairs with rounded edges in a neutral colour, but you should also pay attention to the shape of your tables, lamps, and pillows to get rid of any right angles.

Circular shapes are graceful and comforting, having no end, and offering a feeling of unity and harmony. This works great in commercial spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants, or retail stores that want to create a cozier atmosphere. You can see an example of this design concept in our work for Field & Social, a salad bar located in a food court that we were able to turn into an oasis.

Try incorporating different circular, organic and abstract shapes into your home or commercial space with the help of one of our interior designers from JDG, an award-winning interior design firm in Vancouver.


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Humans are drawn to nature and natural elements which is why adding components of nature into the interior design of our restaurants, office spaces, homes, clinics, will always be a trend.

Biophilia is a common term used in interior design. It describes the relationship between people and nature, and how we have this innate instinct to connect with living beings. Biophilic interior design is how we incorporate nature into our own environments. However, adding touches of nature to your home does not just mean adding lots of plants.

Think about the textures in your office, look for places where you can add any elements of nature. You can incorporate naturalistic design with marble or granite countertops in the staff kitchen and wooden decorative accents in and around office spaces.

You can add warmth to your office with a colour palette containing earthy tones such as green, muted orange, cream, greys, and browns. Incorporating organic materials such as decorative clay vases, wooden bowls, and ceramics will also add that natural element to your workspace.


Photo: Christine Pienaar Photography // Design: JDG // Location: Field & Social Yaletown, Vancouver BC

Minimalism has always been a popular design style and taste, and that’s because it is purely simple in nature, and people love simplicity.

During the pandemic, we saw many people de-cluttering their spaces and making them more functional and cleaner with less “stuff”, and we think this interior design trend is here to stay for 2022. We see this trend translating from our homes to our public spaces, as restaurants and offices had time to re-design their space and opt for a sleeker, and seemingly “emptier” space. Especially since they had to decrease their capacity limit.

If you own a restaurant, you know how valuable every bit of space is. Our experienced interior designers will be able to create a sense of openness and space with a minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on function or real estate, and instead, makes the space feel bigger.

Our interior designers can help you create a minimalist environment by paying close attention to form. Form is an important element in minimalism, as the shapes you choose to put in your space will either make it feel crowded or open. But you must also think about colour when it comes to minimalism. A softer palette with beige, grey, and pastels is popular when it comes to this design choice.

Sherwin Williams has announced their colour of the year, Evergreen Fog. We patiently await Benjamin Moore’s selection for colour of the year, which is typically announced every fall.


Photo: Christine Pienaar Photography // Design: JDG // Location: Breka Bakery, Vancouver BC

Black can be an intense shade and can be daunting to incorporate into the interior design of a residential space. But we are seeing it being used more and more, because of its ability to offer such a beautiful and elegant contrast.

Many restaurants in Vancouver feature a darker colour palette, as it offers a cozier atmosphere and encourages guests to stay longer.

If you have a neutral base, such as white walls and cabinets, our designers at JDG suggest that you add darker fixtures such as matte black handles, a stand-out black pantry door, or black furniture pieces like barstools.

Adding this contrast will make your other neutral pieces stand out and add depth and drama to any room.


Photo: Apartment Therapy, Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

While we don’t suggest completely bringing back the 70s to your entire home, we do think that touches of the 70s are going to be a popular interior design trend for 2022.

Sticking to the theme of natural colours and textures, we think that you should incorporate some of the typical 70s colour palettes into the interior design for your space. From burnt orange, moss greens to warm neutrals, you can give your space a fresh look with a new coat of paint or decorative pieces.

We know that finding authentic vintage pieces can be tricky, but rest assured with our designers at JDG, we can locate the perfect vintage couch for your living room or your coffee shop.


Photo: Christine Pienaar Photography // Design: JDG // Location: English Bay Dental, Vancouver BC

Light flooring can help increase natural light by bouncing light around the entire room. It adds simplicity, allowing you to add brighter colours to other elements in the space.

As mentioned before, incorporating more natural pieces into interior design is going to be a trend in 2022, and adding sleek, light-colored flooring is another trend that falls into this style.

We are fond of light flooring which you soften by adding textures of wood, soft carpets, and warm-coloured furniture to your décor.


Photo: Christine Pienaar Photography // Design: JDG // Location: Field & Social Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC

Here at JDG, we care about our impact on the environment and we work with our clients to find sustainable and environmentally-friendly interior design options. This is why we think that a green approach to design should always be a trend.

You can take this approach just by choosing sustainable materials for your furniture. Look for furniture made from natural wood or other organic materials for your office or coffee shop, and carpets and rugs created from natural fibres and not synthetics.

Install energy-efficient lighting in your restaurant. LED light bulbs have become really popular because they consume up to 90% less power than fluorescent lights. If you have an outdoor patio, install solar-powered outdoor lights that will lower the cost of your energy bills and help reduce your emissions.


We are your interior designers of Vancouver. We work with you to bring your interior design vision to life! We keep up with the trends, work with your taste and style, so we can deliver you the perfect space you have always wanted, whether it be in a commercial, retail, hospitality, or residential realm. Whether you are looking for a minimalist kitchen or cozy office space, we can make your design dreams come true.

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