Over the past decade, lighting has shifted to primarily LED-type fixtures to be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and much more cost-effective in the long run. Let’s go over some methods you can use to use to boost artificial lighting in your business.


A customer is much more likely to be attracted to a retail store that illuminates and showcases its product in a flattering way. A dim interior may create a sense of mystery, but would ultimately diminish the display and showcasing of a product. Ambient lighting refers to the artificial lighting that evenly illuminates the general space. This is the base of a successful lighting design. You don’t want customers to have difficulty reading your signs and products in a retail space if it’s too dim. A dark space will also emanate an unsafe atmosphere to customers. Conversely, having lighting that’s too overwhelming and powerful will create discomfort for prolonged periods of time.

There are some simple solutions to these problems. Having natural lighting to complement your artificial lighting will save costs and additionally, it will make your space feel roomy, unique and welcoming. Make sure to exploit natural light as much as possible and add windows to the southernmost section of your commercial space to allow sunlight in.

One caveat of this is that natural lighting won’t always be constant. To amplify natural and artificial lighting, keep in mind what tone and gloss of paint your space has. Glossy, white paint tends to amplify light, whereas dull and darker tones absorb it. You can also augment the space with recessed lighting. This way, each light emits a cone to allow no dark spots or unlit areas. There are great low voltage bulbs on the market that can accomplish this. If you’re looking for an eye-catching lighting method, we recommend using LED light strips to create and illuminate various features throughout your space. These focal points can add a great amount of interest to an otherwise plain wall.


If you have more of an office-like space, you will want your lighting to keep your employees focused for the workday. The brightness and colour (warm vs cold) of the lighting will have a significant impact on workers’ productivity. Artificial lighting that’s in the middle of the spectrum from orange, yellow, green and blue, are proven to be better for efficiency and focus. Again, having some daylight will always help and will relax the mind while helping the brain refresh from hours of computer screen time. Diffused natural light will also lessen eye strain.


Adding decorative artificial lighting to your space will transform it from utilitarian to unique. Decorative lighting usually has some illumination to it but is mainly focused on the display factor. You can invoke powerful feelings with these lights such as nostalgia and can be used as a tool to further the design concept.

Classic track lights allow for flexible lighting and can make products pop when used for illuminating displays in a certain area. Wall lights and sconces are a strong choice for mood lighting. Sconce lights are much softer and produce more shadows. They can envelop an intimate, timeless atmosphere, such as having a romantic dinner out or walking the sidewalks of a century-old downtown street. If your business has tables, decorative pendant lights are a must-have. They create “islands of light”, which are great for separated group tables. There are several classic and more ambitious designs to choose from, all depending on if you’re looking to make your space look clean or dazzling.

Sculptural lighting pieces are trendy in modern design. From illuminated wrapping ropes, flowing waves, and jagged lightning zig-zags, there are limitless options to explore for artificial light sculptures. These shapes are best in very open rooms, as they draw attention but do not obstruct people. Great areas for these are lobbies, high office ceilings, in the middle of restaurants, and in recreation spaces.

Considering what mood you want to envelop in your space is a good place to start. Do you want something elegant, jaw-dropping and dramatic or timeless and soothing?

Having a consultation with a JDG Interior Designer will widen your horizons if your business needs an artificial lighting facelift. They can help you experiment with colours and lighting to ensure your space is illuminated successfully based on your specific business needs. Whether you need to showcase a product, set an ambience, or keep employees feeling their best and focused, JDG interior designers can help you to develop a successful lighting plan.

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