An impressive product range? Yes, they definitely go a long way in attracting customers to a retail store. However, what ultimately seals the deal is a well-designed commercial retail interior design. A compelling store design can do much of the groundwork leading up to a purchase—welcoming potential customers, ensuring comfort and functionality and providing ease of shopping.


The perfect commercial design for a retail space is much like a balanced recipe that beautifully brings together distinct ingredients and flavors. With a medley of diverse elements like architecture, interior design, ergonomics and art, an impactful retail design can turn an empty shell into a bustling store. This can involve everything from setting up an attractive storefront display to creating the right layout for efficient flow. All so your customers get an enjoyable shopping experience that lures them back for repeated visits!

Want to make it more interesting? Let your interior designers delve into details like the legacy of the building and local culture (for instance, turning a building of historic significance into a retail store) to create a space with ‘character’.

Unlike popular belief, maximizing sales is not the only objective of a good store design. An outstanding retail design also manages to showcase your product range and facilitate a stimulating shopping experience. Plus, it enhances your brand value exponentially. Janks Design Group has a checklist of elements that need to be considered while designing a retail interior to ensure your venture is successful!


Have you ever stepped into a store and found it confusing to navigate? That’s because the retail design did not incorporate the right layout for the space. After analyzing and understanding the needs of your brand and the nature of your products, an interior designer creates a suitable layout or floorplan. Some of the layout styles that are commonly seen include free-flow, loop store, grid store, and forced path, to name a few. A grid store layout might be the best option for a bookstore while home goods stores can go for a free-flow floorplan that makes leisurely shopping a breeze.

A Free-Flow Layout / Image Source:


Picture this: a picture-perfect storefront done up in elegant shades, large windows with a clear view of the products inside and when you enter, a well-arranged selection of merchandise that catches your eye. We bet even a non-shopaholic would be tempted to check out a store that looks like this. Forming the ‘display’ aspect of retail design, these elements (storefront, window display, etc.) can often make or break a business. From pulling a customer in, to keeping them inside long enough to ensure a purchase, the right display design can work wonders in achieving the objectives of a prosperous store design. Suddenly, it makes sense why you’ve always been fascinated by that charming boutique in your neighborhood, right?

The Nomad Hotel NY, Designed by Jacques Garcia / Image Source:


While the display design gives customers the initial push to enter your store, visual branding is what helps to imprint the brand in their minds. An interior designer incorporates visual branding with details such as the logo, fonts/typography, colours and imagery. Apart from giving your brand its own unique identity, these elements augment brand recall value. From a commercial retail interior design perspective, visual branding also includes interior branding and other cues that guide customers towards an easy yet memorable shopping experience.

Duer, Vancouver / Photo by: Andrew Fyfe Photography


Any expert who deals with commercial design for retail interiors will tell you how lighting is one of the most important aspects of your space. This can range from ambient lighting and task lighting to accent lighting and decorative lighting, depending on the nature of your business. While designing the lighting, consider the natural light that the space receives as well. Your store lighting should consist of various layers, with additional emphasis on key selling areas. Lighting that accentuates your merchandise essentially means your sale is halfway complete! Add a suitable sound/audio element and voila, you’ve got yourself an aesthetically appealing retail space with thoughtful interior design!

ADDICT Clothing Store, Designed by ON Studio / Image Source:

Wondering how to get started with designing or revamping your retail store? JDG promises to create enduring designs for your business while incorporating fundamental aspects of retail design. Get in touch with them and an expert designer from the team will help you develop a retail interior design that truly sells!

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