In the world of interior design, trends evolve in sync with people and personal tastes. As spaces continually shapeshift, social and cultural dynamics act as the underlying pulse, projecting shifts in societal values onto the canvases of interior design. These dynamics subtly yet profoundly shape the ever-changing landscape of interior design promising a blend of enduring favourites and fresh inspirations in 2024 that will transform spaces into innovative havens that embrace our ever-evolving world.

As we explore the year ahead, from layered colour schemes to the allure of rustic textures and the fusion of old with new, each trend is a key element poised to redefine and rejuvenate spaces. These trends act as guideposts, offering glimpses into the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

Join us as we delve into the specifics, offering insights and inspiration to unlock the full potential of your interior in 2024.


Spaces all across the nation are set to embrace the allure of rustic textures in 2024. Beyond their visual appeal, these textures add a tactile dimension that elevates user experience. Imagine stepping into a space where every touchpoint tells a different story, from the rough-hewn timber shelves to the warmth of handwoven textiles. Designers recognize the power of these elements in creating not just a place to shop, dine, or even live, but a destination that engages all the senses.

Envision a feature wall using reclaimed wood or textured stone to instantly infuse rustic charm into your space, or furniture pieces with distressed finishes and handcrafted details, such as a wooden coffee table or chairs with woven fabric. Likewise, incorporating soft furnishings like throws, pillows, or rugs all made from natural fibres can work to introduce tactile and rustic textures into your space with ease.

Earnest Ice Cream: Quebec Street - Vancouver, BC | Designed by JDG

In bustling urban centers and serene suburban landscapes alike, the trend of rustic textures resonates deeply. It’s a nod to the varied beauty of the Canadian landscape, where the rugged charm of the outdoors finds its way into our indoor spaces. Whether it’s a coffee shop in the Rockies, or a fashion boutique in the heart of the city, the incorporation of rustic textures brings an authentic, inviting vibe to commercial design nationwide.


National skylines, with their blend of contemporary skyscrapers and the natural curves of the land, serve as inspiration for this trend. Archways, hallways, and furniture with gentle, flowing curves redefine our spatial experiences. Interior designers skillfully incorporate these organic elements, creating an atmosphere that feels both modern and welcoming.

Embrace this trend effortlessly with the use of accessories, such as round mirrors, decorative bowls, or artwork with organic shapes. Opt for pendent lights or chandeliers with curved or fluid designs to add a touch of modern elegance or add a plush chair into your living space with curved edges to soften the lines of your space.

Metropolis Dental - Burnaby, BC | Designed by JDG

Soft lines and organic shapes, the juxtaposition of urban sophistication and natural beauty, will be mirrored in spaces across the country. This trend of curves and edges captures the essence of Canada’s unique aesthetic.


In the vibrant landscape of commercial interior design, layered colour schemes are taking center stage. This trend isn’t simply about the visual appeal; it’s a strategic approach to creating memorable and immersive experiences for patrons. Warm palettes paired with cool accents are predicted to seamlessly guide visitors through a journey of colours. From the calming, spa-like retail environments to the energizing hues in lively restaurants, the versatility of layered colour schemes will ensure each space has its own unique identity.

OEB Breakfast Co. Willowbrook - Langley, BC | Designed by JDG | Photo by Leading Lines Studios

By introducing a bold accent wall amidst your warm, neutral colour scheme, you can take a step toward embracing this trend. Or, choose a few décor items, such as cushions, rugs, pillows, or curtains in complimentary colours and textures for a harmonious layered effect.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere found in major cities plays a role in the adoption of this trend. Diverse populations and cultural influences are leading to the desire for a richer tapestry of colours to be woven into the design narrative. Whether it’s a sleek corporate office in Toronto, or a trendy restaurant in the heart of Vancouver, the use of layered colour schemes is resonating with locals, fostering a sense of connection between the commercial space and the community.


In both residential and commercial landscapes, the fusion of old and new continues to thrive as traditional design unites with modern. In 2024, expect to see a seamless blend of traditional accents throughout modern spaces, adding texture, variety, and character. With the cultural push toward stepping forward in the world as your true, authentic self comes this desire to no longer blend with the aesthetic of our neighbours but to create interior spaces that are unique and exude character and charm.

Du'er - Vancouver, BC | Designed by JDG | Photo by Andrew Fyfe

Some practical ways to embrace this trend include ignoring thoughts on what you think should be your tastes and embracing the things that spark joy and excitement for you, whether that be vintage furniture, elaborate lighting fixtures, or local artwork. Embrace interior elements that embody the spirit within you, or the spirit or brand of the space.

Expect to see retail spaces infused with vintage charm, and cutting-edge restaurants with stunning historical elements. Interior designers will draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of world history, ensuring spaces across the country are not just places of business, but testaments of the beauty and heritage from coast to coast.


Though not a new trend, eco-conscious design continues to take center stage in spaces nationwide with this trend of biophilic harmony. As knowledge continues to grow on the importance of nature on both our physical and mental well-being, this integration of natural elements and sustainable materials fosters a connection between indoor and outdoor environments. Expect to see designers introducing live greenery, eco-friendly furniture, and sustainable elements that promote a sense of well-being and environmental consciousness.

The simplest way to navigate this trend is to introduce indoor plants to your space. Take some time to assess the lighting available in your desired location and choose plants accordingly. If possible, incorporate more natural lighting overall to create a more inviting atmosphere, and as weather permits, create outdoor spaces that work as an extension of your indoor space, offering a greater connection to the outdoors.

Field & Social - Dunsmuir St: Vancouver, BC | Designed by JDG | Photo by Christine Pienaar


In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, these five trends offer a roadmap to stay ahead in 2024. As we continue to redefine spaces, from restaurants to retail outlets, the key lies in embracing these trends and diving deep to unlock the full potential of every space we encounter.

If you’re looking to update your space with these latest design trends, look no further than Janks Design Group (JDG). Our Vancouver-based team of talented designers offer creative interior design and space planning services to transform commercial properties into spaces that meet the unique needs of our clients in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, medical, and corporate industries. Contact us today to learn more. We would love to help you realize your dreams.

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