earnest ice cream - NORTH VAN

Earnest Ice Cream - North Van

North Vancouver, BC
1240 sf
Completed 2018

Retail Interior Design Project – Earnest Ice Cream North Vancouver:


The 4th location is in a newly constructed building primarily dedicated to ice cream consumption. The room is open, bright and modern with rustic touches. Reclaimed fir was used in a variety of applications, textures and patterns to keep with our client’s position on sustainability. The stand out features are hand painted creamy swirls on the black back drop, an “Instagram” wall with the company’s proudly visible slogan and a 14-foot custom LED light sculpture representative of the area’s scenery. Outside a custom seating area was added with large planters and circular seats to serve the large number of customers. The result is an impactful minimalist concept all true to the company’s philosophy of using local ethical ingredients to produce a wholesome product.

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