The Most Creative Layout & Design Ideas for an Open Plan Office

December 2, 2022

Why Office & Interior Layout Design Matters The office is your team’s second home. Your team’s lives are connected to the work they accomplish alone and with their…

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What We Have Our Eyes On…

The Top 5 Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

November 4, 2022

Isn’t it shocking that buildings consume 40% of our worldwide energy? It’s no secret that people are considering energy-efficient and sustainable interior design options for a greener future.…

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The Most Important Elements of Commercial Interior Design

October 5, 2022

Have you ever thought to yourself “what does my business space look like to other people? What sort of impression do they get by looking at it and…

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5 Dos & Don’ts for Bedroom Interior Design

September 9, 2022

Common Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes & Solutions 1. Choosing Loud Colours It’s tempting to put your favourite bold and vibrant colours in the bedroom, but they’re best left…

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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Lighting in Your Commercial Space

August 13, 2022

Light surrounds and affects us every single day. Both natural and artificial lighting contribute to our comfort, vision and our ability to be productive. From busy retail stores…

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5 Home Renovation Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2022

July 5, 2022

Home renovation has seen a boom in the past year. There will be an approximate 10% rise in spending on home renovation projects this year alone compared to…

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Creating a Concept for Your Target Market

June 1, 2022

Interior Design has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the individuals who use or visit a space. Throughout the interior design process, having a strong design…

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Restaurant Design: Form vs Function

May 6, 2022

A memorable restaurant experience consists of many elements, most importantly the menu and service. But what about the design and ambience? How does such an experiential add-on impact…

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How to Create a Retail Interior Design that Sells

April 20, 2022

How many times have you entered a store and sensed that something didn’t feel right? Perhaps, the place was crowded or just not captivating enough to make you…

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A Guide to Designing a Dental Office

March 2, 2022

Not everyone loves to go to the dentist. For some, it’s a very anxiety-ridden experience and can even prevent them from taking proper care of their dental health.…

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